Mission Statement

The mission of the Cache County Library is to promote, enhance, and provide access to library services for all residents of Cache County and to promote equity in access to basic library services across the county for those having difficulty accessing library services, including individuals with disabilities. The mission includes providing materials and services that will enlighten, enrich, and satisfy the informational, recreational, and cultural needs of the patrons and communities it serves.


Circulation Policy

All materials are loaned for two weeks. Items may be renewed online or by telephone if the item is not on hold.


Return Policy

Library materials should be returned to the Library circulation desk or to the drop box at the rear of the library. Audio/Visual items may not be dropped in the book returns.


Fines and Fees

  • It is expected that library materials will be returned on time and in good condition. Fines will be applied to damaged or lost items.
  • Late books are charged $0.05 per day/item.
  • Late videos and audio books are charged $1.00 per day/item.
  • There is a one-way mailing charge applied to Inter-library Loan services and is determined by the size and weight of materials loaned.
  • Xerox copies and computer printing costs $0.10/sheet for black and white, $0.50/sheet for color. Fax services are not available at the library.


Computer Use and Online Access Policy

The Cache County Library provides public access to the Internet in keeping with its role as a source of information, intellectual development, and enrichment for the community. In meeting UAC 9-7-215, UAC 9-7-216 and Administrative Rule 223-2, the Cache County Library will maintain a ‘technology protection measure’ (filter) restricting access to visual depictions that are child pornography, harmful to minors, or obscene on all public and staff computers.


The Internet enables library patrons to access information beyond the confines of the library collection; however, it is an unregulated medium. Patrons under the age of eighteen must have a parent’s permission to access the Internet. As with all other library materials, the child’s parent or legal guardian is responsible for information accessed through the public library and for the behavior of their child.


  • Patron computers are monitored by staff for assistance and security, and sessions are limited to one-half hour.
  • Failure to use the Internet stations appropriately and responsibly may result in revocation of Internet use privileges.
  • Wireless Internet is available at the library.


Collection Development Policy

The Cache County Library selects and makes available materials and resources of all types and kinds that reflect a range of opinions on all subjects for values of interest to all people in the county. In no case does the library exclude materials because of race, nationality, gender or political, religious, social, or philosophical views of the authors or publishers.

Books and materials are normally acquired through approved suppliers, vendors, subscription agents, and local merchants when possible. Textbooks and books written for specialists are not purchased as part of the library collection, as they do not meet the needs of the majority of the library users.


Gifts and Donations

The library welcomes gifts of books and other useful library materials with the understanding that they are owned by the library and thus become part of the library’s holdings. The library reserves the right to refuse gifts that do not fit into the scope of the library collection.