Trails News Story

Trails News Story

May 17, 2022

Deep Canyon Trailhead Project

May 13, 2022 Press Release: 

As trail use increases around Cache Valley, Cache County’s Trails Department has been working with Mendon City to find solutions for a trail that has been overwhelmed due to its popularity.  That effort has included raising funds to construct a new trailhead to more safely access the Wellsville Mountain Wilderness Area, Deep Canyon Trail, and to reopen the family-friendly Wayne’s Loop trail. 

“We’ve heard from so many county residents who love these trails and want to be able to regain access to this beautiful area, as well as several who were negatively impacted by their popularity,” said Cache County Executive David Zook. “Thanks to the hard work and collaboration between our Trails Department and several community partners, this amenity will soon be back, and better than ever.”

Sufficient funding has now been secured for the Deep Canyon Trailhead project to be constructed.  Those grants include three awarded in the past week from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, RAPZ Grant Program, and the American Rescue Plan Act. Those funds will combine with others already secured from the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation - Russell Family, and the Secure Rural Schools Program through the U.S. Forest Service. The total project cost is estimated to be at least $760,000. Due to increasing material and labor costs, ongoing donations can be made to support the project through the Cache Community Foundation.

“We’ve been working closely with the Mendon City Council and their Trails Committee for the past year, we have received a lot of support from the community throughout the process and look forward to improving access to the area for generations to come,” mentioned Carly Lansche, Cache County’s Regional Trail and Active Transportation Coordinator. 

Construction is planned for next summer. To stay up to date on project updates and to view more details and an interactive map of the trailhead concept, please see this link:  Donations to the Cache Community Foundation can be made via check, Venmo, or online at links available at that web address.