Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Apr 06, 2016

You are the Trails Cache

Thanks for coming on over to the TrailsCache. We're just beginning, but we're going to get somewhere great together. 

The Trails Cache is designed to be the on stop shop for all things trails and active lifestyles in Cache Valley.  It doesn't matter how you go play outside, simply that you do.  Check out our trails map and find some new places to explore. Stay up to date on our news page, or check out local events happening throughout the year.  We'll have a bit more focus on non-motorized recreation than motosports - but we're looking to promote all things hiking, skiing, running, biking, playing, exploring, birdwatching, horse riding and more.  We hope to build and connect a strong group of citizen advocates that can strengthen the outdoors community and our active transportation and recreation infrastructure. 

But no matter the vision, this cache won't amount to much without a community.  We're hoping to hear a lot from you in the coming seasons, and there a lot of ways you can get involved.  Read on for just a few.


Got a social or athletic event you want people to know about? As long as it involves trails, outdoor lifestyles, and takes place in Cache Valley, contact us, and we'd love to put it on our calendar.  

Advocacy & Volunteerism

Do you know of something happening in your town that could affect trails access? Do your civic leaders need to hear from the community to support a bike lane, trail opening, or project funding? Contact the trails cache with details, and we'll do our best to spread the word. Also - sign up for our newsletter to hear more about opportunities to lend a hand to trail building and maintenance opportunities.  After all, they're your trails too.


DW Collaboration

Got ideas for how we can build on our great trail network in the county? Have suggestions for how local government can better prioritize non-motorized transportation and recreation networks? Again - just get in touch, and we'd love to hear you out and help. 

Stay Tuned

Not sure what to say yet, but interested to see where this trail might go? Sign up on our contact page, and we'll be sure to keep you updated. 

Thanks for taking part in the Trails Cache, it wouldn't be the same here without you.