Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Jun 06, 2016

National Trails Day Workparty Report

This past saturday, over 27 volunteers gathered at Providence Canyon for a productive morning clearing obstacles from the trail, making tread improvements to increase drainage and trail sustainability, pulling invasive weeds such as houndstooth and dyers woad, and clipping back brush and stumps to reduce fall zone hazards and improve sightlines. 

After the workparty, cold beverages and pizza were enjoyed by all next to the cool providence spring.  

A great deal of thanks goes out to the Utah Conservation Corps, (and their tough as nails bike crew, who rode cargo bikes (with their tools) to and from the trail workparty, Cache Hikers, Logan 9th Ward Scout Troop, and Logan River Acadamy for bringing hands to the trail.  We're looking forward to a whole lot more of these days, so stay tuned to the Trails Cache to be part of the next one.