Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Jul 28, 2016

Trail of the Month - September

Each month, we'll feature an amazing local trail in Cache Valley.  Some of them you've heard of.  Others you haven't.  Some you might take your granmama or newborn child out with you for some fresh air and scenery.  Others might be more suited to the hard working athletic set.  Most will be somewhere in the middle.  

This month, we feature High Creek.  One of the most northernmost trails in the valley, High Creek Trail is one of the most scenic trails in Cache County.  It begins at the High Creek Trailhead 7 miles northeast of Richmond City via a fairly rough dirt road.  The trail winds its way  along the South Fork through sagebrush slopes and aspen-fir forests, gaining almost 3,000 feet of elevation in just 5 miles.  Though some sections are quite steep, most of the trail is moderately difficult.  The trail hits its apex at beautiful High Creek Lake (8,800 feet), sandwiched between Cherry and Naomi Peaks, and Mount Gog. Get thee to the high country before you need skis this winter, and enjoy the fall. 

For a mapped route, click on the image below. (We recommend google chrome or google earth to view it well)

High Creek Lake


If you have a trail photo, trail story, or particular route you'd like to share with the Trails Cache, email - we'd love to hear from you. Thanks to Scott McComb with BRAG for the photo in this month's post.