Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Sep 16, 2016

Blacksmith Fork Trail Opening + Volunteer Opportunities

This September 24th is National Public Lands day.  So take a minute to reflect on the gifts of public lands we have here in Utah.  If you've ever lived out the densly populated east coast, or in Texas for any period of time, you know how lucky we are to have such vast tracts of public lands all around us that offer beauty and adventure opportunities at all times, for no charge at all.  National public lands day is an opportunity to give back to the land and contribute to some volunteer trail improvements.  We'll be working with Hyrum City and the Utah Conservation Corps to lead a workday at Blacksmith Fork Canyon, and open the new Blacksmith Fork River Trail.  It's a new 1.8 mile trail extending from the mouth of the canyon to a turnaround further up, utilizing an old water main alignment.  In addition, Blacksmith Fork is the newest addition of the Bonnevile Shoreline, with improved linkages connecting the trailhead at the mouth of the canyon to miles of BST stretching all the way back north to Logan Dry Canyon.  

Come explore and help with trail improvements on Saturday Morning and enjoy your public lands. 

BSF Volunteer Workparty