Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Sep 16, 2016

New Trails, New Bike Lanes

Did you realize that Logan City is actively working towards implementing their bicycle and pedestrian master plan? This is great news for residents, workers, and visitors to the city, as these small steps bring us closer and closer to having an interconnected network of bicycle lanes and trails.  The good news for this season is that as part of the resurfacing schedule of streets, those that were resurfaced and were included in Logan's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan recieved new bike lane striping.  This season, that's 1400N and 400W.  And though these might seem like little, disconnected pieces of an ideal network, over a few years, this same process of resurfacing and adding bike lanes where applicable will generate a great network of safer and more pleasant streets for cycling.  


In addition, the Logan River Trail - Rendezvous Park - Trapper Park trail connection just keeps getting better, with a new segment of trail having been opened within Trapper Park.   And that new Boulevard Trail extension bringing a most beauteous pathway even closer to linking USU directlyk to downtown Logan? Beautiful indeed. 

Boulevard Trail


Here at the Trails Cache, we're grateful folks when civic leaders and staff come together around visions of active transportation and recreation facilities.  If you have a minute, and you're thankful to see Logan make progress on these type of projects - be sure to send a quick note of thanks.  Because you can be sure that those that are unhappy with new bike lanes or trail projects will let their city officials know - it's important for us to pass along positive support, to keep this momentum going.  

If you want to say thanks for the new trails, email Russ Akina, head of Logan Parks and Rec. 

If you want to say thanks for the new bike lanes, email Mark Nielsen, head of Logan Public Works

And here's a little something you could say, or modify to your liking - 

As a Cache Valley resident who often rides through Logan, I wanted to thank you for working on ways to implement Logan's Bicycle and Pedestrian master plan improvements. The bike lanes on 400W and 1400N are welcome improvements, as are the numerous trail extensions and improvements. I really enjoy being able to use them when I ride.
Keep up the good work, and I look forward to additional improvements that will improve Cache Valley's air quality, traffic congestion, and personal choice when it comes to how to get around town.
Your name.