Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Apr 25, 2018

Everything you wanted to know about Bicycling*

In Logan and Utah State University, there are now more opportunities to ride a bicycle for transportation than ever, with the advent of the Spin Bikes cropping up all over the community.  Add beautiful spring weather to the mix, and more of us are considering getting out on a bicycle for fitness, fun, or convenience.  But for many who haven't ridden a bicycle much, it doesn't always feel comfortable to throw a leg over and hop out on the bike.  The Trails Cache, Aggie Blue Bikes, and Bear River Health Department have teamed up to bring some basic bicycle education to Cache County for those that want to take a look at the best way to start bike-commuting, those who want to learn more about how to comfortably ride in the street (and not dodge walkers, dogs, police tickets, and parked cars on the sidewalk), and those that are simply cycle-curious. 

We're titling the 2 day class "Everything you wanted to know about bicycling* *But were afraid to ask".  Day 1 will be focused on understanding basic bicycle mechanical safety, and basic rules of the road, day two will focus on riding ettiquite, safety, and Utah bike law.  Both days will include approximately 1 hour of class, and 1 hour of group rides and instruction.  Please bring your bicycle and wear clothes you'll be comfortable going on a short, casual ride in.  And it's free. 

We're running a facebook event to track attendance for this one, so please head over to the book of faces if you plan to attend.  If you don't use the 'book, please email us directly and let us know how many plan to attend, at

everything you wanted to know about bicycling but were too afraid to ask