Trails News Story

Trails News Story

May 10, 2018

Beaver Mountain's Bjorr Trail

Bjorr Trail Map (official)

For the last three seasons, volunteers from the Trails Cache, Cache Trails Alliance, Utah Conservation Corps, and the Cache Valley Highschool Mountain Bike League have worked together to create a five mile purpose built recreational loop on Beaver Mountain's property.  Open to the public from dawn to dusk, during the off season, this five mile trail is great for simply hiking, a good run, or a fun mountain bike ride. Some notes regarding use:

- Pack it in, Pack it Out. (Goes without saying when you're out on trails, right?)

- Please adhere to parking areas as noted on the maps on this page (you'll find one posted on site as well, once all the snow melts)

- Respect other trail users, and always yeild to uphill traffic. 

tech map.