Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Jun 12, 2018

Cache County Commuter Maps Published

Here at the Trails Cache, we're excited to announce a new publication: The first ever Cache County Bicycle Comfort Map.  

Developed with input from the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, this map attempts to codify only through streets in Cache County's core, and provide a guide to plan your trip on bicycle (or even a long walk) through streets that are comfortable, moderate, or uncomfortable.  Print maps are available at various local businesses, and if you'd like to get your hands on some, please email and we'll be able to get you a few.  We're particularly interested in local businesses having these on hand for customers or employees interested in bicycle commuting.

And of course, because this is 2018, we have developed an online web map.  Click on the image above, or visit

Finally, if you see any errors on the map or street categorizations that you disagree with, please let us know - this is a work in progress, and your input is a valuable tool to help us improve future versions.