Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Jul 16, 2018

Cache Bikeway Planning Project

Did you know that Cache County has an on-street bicycle route system?


Intially developed in 2009, the system selected roads preferrable for cyclists to connect along the eastern bench of Cache County.  If you've seen or followed the green bikeway signs across various roads, you've found what we're referring to as the Cache Bikeway. We've been working hard with communities across the eastern bench to identify ways that we can improve this route in the short and long term to make an improved route for bicyclists and pedestrians.  

You're invited to come review our initial plans at a public open house at Herm's Inn on January 9th, 2019.  Come share your thoughts with us and local elected officials and staff.  Seating and lunch is limited to the first 60 to sign up, so grab a free lunch ticket here:


And if you can't make it to the public meeting on the 9th, or are reading these words after that ship has sailed, you can always share your ideas with us via our online public input map found here: