Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Sep 16, 2019

Bridger Bike Park to Open 6pm 10.16.2019

Come join us for the festivities as we celebrate the community, civic, and professional efforts that have been instrumental to building a recreation resource unique to all of Cache Valley: Bridger Bike Park. 


Three years in the making, this park will provide thrills and challenges to anyone, of any age, who wants to throw a leg over a mountain or bmx bike.  Located at 1179N 400W, just west of Bridger Elementary, this facility has been built through collaborations between Logan City funding, community fundraising, the Cache County RAPZ tax and Utah Outdoor Recreation Grant

6pm, October 16th will mark the grand opening of this exciting new playground for kids of all ages.  Please come and join us for the festivities, bring your bike, helmet, and sense of adventure.  

Parking for the festivities may be accessed from 400W just south of Bridger Elementary. 

Want to get excited, spread the word, and stay up to date on conditions for Bridger Bike Park? Feel free to stop by and share your thoughts at the newly created Facebook page

Please note, however that this park is closed until officially opened.  Once opened, it's worth noting that a mountain bike park is designed as a challenging set of features - children must be supervised when utilizing the bike park, and helmets are required of all users.  It's an amazing playground,but like any adventure - respect the features, your skill level, and stay safe.  The official regulation list is below.