Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Oct 08, 2019

Jardine Reroute Confusion

If you're a regular to Jardine Juniper, you may have noticed some peculiar changes going on above the upper meadow.  Most of those changes are the direct result of this office's good work w/ the USFS and Cache Trails Alliance - but unfortunately some small cabal of trail users feel the need to fight the forest service over 500' of trail that they feel is "way more flowy, bro",over the approved corridor.  This is despite a direct request from the USFS to avoid this corridor due to sensitive cultural resources.  

As we try to work to establish a partnership with our Cache National Forest land managers, actions like these make it very difficult to achieve good projects each year.  Here's how to find the 'correct' reroute this year: 

- As you crest the switchbacks towards the upper meadow, you may see a corridor directly to your left, covered in soft pine-duff filled soils.  This is the ILLEGAL reroute.  Do not take it, and please add a branch or two to try to close it off.  

- As you descend towards the upper meadow, the old trail should be blocked off (where it starts to get very trenched out) and the appropriate reroute cuts uphill to the left, and through some rocky/rooty segments before entering the trees again.  You've found our hard work of the season! Enjoy!

We hope to have the following signs placed at the illegal reroute entrances soon.  Thanks for the attention, and here's hoping Cache County trail users can avoid these issues in the future.