Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Oct 20, 2020

Pack It Out Utah - Utah's First Trails & Waterways Cleanup


Join us for Utah's first statewide trails and waterways cleanup!

Utah’s public lands experienced a surge of outdoor recreation this year. While more people enjoying the great outdoors is inspiring, unfortunately, it has led to an increase in garbage ending up on trails, parks, neighborhoods, and eventually, in our waterways. Local governments and nonprofits across Utah are partnering to host a statewide clean-up event to remove garbage from public lands and help improve our waterways. The idea is to encourage people across the state to take initiative and act as stewards of our watersheds and public lands. By collecting trash, participants will help improve water quality and the health of the surrounding ecosystems.

Where: Utah – Statewide

Check out our map of suggested locations to collect trash. Sites are still being added. You can also collect trash in your neighborhood, a local park, or waterway. Anywhere trash is collected will have a positive impact on your local environment.

How to Get Involved

Sign up here. This will help us track how many awesome participants join the first ever statewide Utah cleanup! Everyone that signs up for our event will automatically be entered to win prizes for participating in the cleanup!

Volunteers can track the trash they collect two ways:

1. Download the Ocean Conservancy's Clean Swell app to record the type and weight of the trash you collect.

2. Download and print out our Trash Collection Data Sheet to record the trash you collect.

Check out Pack It Out Utah 2020 to find more in-depth information about the cleanup along with instructions on how to use the Clean Swell app or data sheet to track your trash collection

Safety Considerations:

  • Be prepared for working in an outside environment. Wear layers and bring sunscreen, water, and hand sanitizer.
  • Wear gloves or use a tool like a shovel or grabber while picking up trash.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly when done.
  • Do not pick up any items that may be dangerous (broken glass, rusty metal, needles, medications, etc.).
  • Be careful and aware of your surrounds when picking up trash near roads and waterways. Potential hazards to look out for include poisonous plants, fishing line and hooks, animals holes, tripping hazards, barbed wire, and sharp items such as glass or needles.
  • Respect living things and private property boundaries while collecting trash. Do not throw away other's possessions, including items considered the possession of transients or located in homeless encampments.

COVID-19 Precautions: Follow your current local health guidelines. These guidelines may include maintaining 6 feet of distance from individuals who are not part of your household whenever possible and wearing a face covering when social distancing is difficult to maintain consistently. Remember to bring hand sanitizer and wash hands thoroughly after returning home.