Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Apr 14, 2016

Visions of a Better Bonneville

Bonneville Shoreline Vision

 There's rumors brewing, and conversations happening.  Conversations that may move a major portion of the deer fence aka Bonneville Shoreline Trail uphill, to better views, sustainable slopes, and a winding, contour based trail, rather than a de-facto roadway/trail along a fenceline that has existed since the 50's.   The Cache County Trails department has put together this little booklet (or click the image above) that explains, in a very conceptual sense, what the benefits and ideas are behind re-aligning the shoreline trail further East.  

To make this happen will require official buy in from Logan City, the USFS, and multiple private land owners, one of which has already committed to working with the Trails Cache to make this improved BST a reality.  And if anyone is curious why we're looking to improve a trail that's already there, you just have to look at the development plans in Providence City that may eventually remove portions of the deer fence trail, or hike the existing trail in the late summer or fall when it becomes an eroded sand trap.  Stay tuned to the Trails Cache to learn more as these conversations progress forward.

A short UPR piece on the recent developments along the Deerfence can be found here

A great many thanks to those of The Trails Cache who showed up at the meeting last week in Providence, and those who wrote letters - thanks to you, we can keep using the deer fence trail - but we'll have to work quickly to get a new trail installed - the next development approval could go differently. 

Another Bonneville Shorline Vision is Brewing, one that would see the trail extend from North Logan's Green Canyon to Smithfield's Birch Canyon.  But that will only happen with communtiy engagement and willing landowners. That document can be found here

Enjoy the pdf above, and email with questions.