Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Mar 29, 2021





Do you want to Adopt-A-Trail this year?



Here is what you have to do: 


1. See a list of available trails to adopt here.

2. Send us an email to tell us what trail you want to adopt at if you didn't sign up at our Kick-Off party. 

3. Complete the liability paperwork by following this link and selecting the Adopt-A-Trail tab.

4. We will relay your paperwork to the Logan Ranger District, they will sign your form and we will get back to you to confirm the trail you've adopted as soon as we can. 

5. Sign up for our May Adopter Trainings here. 

6. Now is time for the fun part!

Go put some elbow grease into our trails.

Report trail conditions and volunteer work here (hint: it's the same link you used to enroll in the program). 






  • Consider signing up for USU Extension's Trail Master Steward Class, it's $10 and a fantastic resource that you'll have access to for 365 days.

  • Read about trail drainage and water management here.  

  • Read about corridor brushing and clearing here. 

  • Read about hand tool sharpening here.

  • Read about trail climbing turn and switchbacks here. 

  • Check out this handbook with awesome guidance.  

  • Learn about U.S. Forest Service Trail Design standards here.

  • Brush up on your chainsaw skills and get your Sawyer Certification here. 


Reach out if you have specific questions, we can pair you with local trail legends and stewards that can provide guidance.