Trails News Story

Trails News Story

Aug 18, 2021

UDOT SR - 30 (Valley View Highway) Widening Update

Photo of wetland mitigation area provided by Darren Olsen. 


UDOT SR - 30 (Valley View Highway) Widening Update

Check out this great StoryMap from Bio-West to learn more about the wetland mitigation work. 


UDOT will begin work on a wetland mitigation project on or near August 23rd, 2021. The project site is located north of the Logan River between 1000 West and 600 West (Park Avenue), just west of the Logan River Golf Course. There may be brief traffic delays when construction equipment is moved on-site, but will not require road closures or traffic management during construction.


The public will notice the removal of trees, primarily invasive species such as Crach Willow (, occurring on the site in late August through November, and then significant construction grading in the fall of 2022. For a time, the site will look like it is being developed, but it will actually be replanted with native wetland vegetation and riparian trees and shrubs. This property has served as a grazing pasture for many years and was sold to UDOT to be preserved as natural habitat and open space. UDOT purchased the property as the wetland mitigation site for SR-30 (Valley View Highway).


UDOT will be improving SR-30 from 1000 West to 6400 West with construction expected to begin in 2022.


What does the project include?

Design on the SR-30 project will refine the design presented in the Environmental Impact Statement, including:

  • Additional Lanes to improve traffic flow
  • Concrete Barrier to eliminate the possibility of cross-over related crashes and fatalities that may occur due to fog and other conditions that can affect visibility
  • Bike Undercrossing installed near SR-23 beneath SR-30 to allow cyclists to cross SR-30 safely without interrupting traffic flow
  • New Recreational Trail
    • A separated 12-foot multi-use path for bicycles and pedestrians will be located on the south side of SR-30, providing access to recreational areas from SR-23 to 1900 West.
    • From 1900 West to 1000 West (SR-252) a 10-foot multi-use path will be on the south side of SR-30, with a sidewalk on the north side of the roadway.
  • Safety Improvements to SR-30 and SR-23 Intersection
    • Advanced Warning System known as a Rural Intersection Crossing Warning System (RICWS)
    • Flashing stop signs on both sides of the SR-23 and SR-30 intersection
    • Street lighting along corridor
    • Channelized right turns onto SR-30, which allows for a shorter crossing distance if travelling north/south


The highway project will impact approximately 12 acres of wetlands. UDOT’s wetland permit required a compensatory mitigation plan, and this property was selected for that purpose. The wetland mitigation plan will require monitoring for a minimum of 5 years until wetland vegetation becomes fully established. More information is available here (